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Avid Merrion
Avid merrion
Gender Male
Hometown Arachnipus, Romania
Residence(s) Hackney, England
Los Angeles (briefly)
Associates Sacha Merrion
Occupation Television host
Hotel manager
Sexuality Bisexual
Status Alive
Parents Unnamed father
Significant other Sacha Merrion
Siblings Sacha Merrion
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance Bo' Selecta! Series 1: Episode 1
Last Appearance Cha'mone Mo'Fo' Selecta!
Actor Leigh Francis

Avid Merrion is the main protagonist of Bo' Selecta!. He is the Romanian host.

He lives in Hackney, London, known for the continuous use of a neck brace, but he was also known for his status as an excessive celebrity stalker.

In 2004, he came back to his hometown of Arachnipus, where he hosted his new TV program with his new wife and sister Sacha Merrion.

One year later, in Bo! in the USA, he migrated to Los Angeles, California with his wife and opened the Merrion Hotel for celebrities.

His current location and status is unknown.


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