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Cha'mone Mo'Fo'Selecta! A Tribute to Michael Jackson
Chamone mofo selecta titles
Starring Leigh Francis
Guest stars David Gest
Emma Bunton
Paddy McGuinness
Peaches Geldof
Written by Leigh Francis
James De Frond
Opening theme "Don't Worry Be Happy"
By Bobby McFerrin
First aired September 24, 2009
Episode guide
Bo! in the USA (Episode 6)
Keith Lemon's World Tour

Cha'mone Mo'Fo'Selecta! A Tribute to Michael Jackson was a 1-hour tribute to the late Michael Jackson, which aired on September 24, 2009 on E4. The tribute was written by Leigh Francis and starred him as many of his celebrity characters, including Martin Bashir (who had not appeared since series 2 of Bo' Selecta!).

Behind the ScenesEdit

The tribute is dedicated to Michael Jackson, who died on June 25, 2009. Leigh Francis was an avid fan of the pop singer and saw the death as a reason to write a tribute featuring characters from the Bo' Selecta! series without offending Michael Jackson fans.