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Keith Ian Lemon
Keith lemon
Gender Male
Hometown Leeds, U.K.
Residence(s) London, England
Los Angeles, USA
Associates The Hennerson family
Avid Merrion
Mel B
Roy Estabrook
Occupation TV host
Businessman (formerly)
Agent (formerly)
Sexuality Heterosexual
Status Alive
Significant other Helena Hennerson
Many women
Siblings Gregory Lemon
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance Keith Lemon's One Night Stands
Last Appearance Cha'mone Mo'Fo' Selecta!
Actor Leigh Francis



Keith is easily distinguished by his appearance. Sporting growing blonde hair and a businessman moustache, he's one of the few male characters with blonde hair in Bo' Selecta!. He's a frequent wearer of a bandage on his intact right hand (which is shown to be used for sympathy during an interview with Juliette Lewis) and an animal tooth necklace that's occasionally used as a sexual representation. Keith also wears a variety of clothes, including a tracksuit during exercise, a suit during business, and (more recently) a white blazer and trousers.

In Bo' in the USA, Keith is shown to have a sizable penis, which he regularly boasts about.


Bang tidy!
If I don't see you through week, I'll see you through window.
— The final words of each Keith Lemon episode.



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