Bo Selecta characters, the wiki template as a exampl, would result on something like the following exchange.

Judy ( Finnagan ) looks depressingly and nervously at the camera. Richard ( Madaley ) is also looking at camera but confidently, somewhat hyper ( like drugged up ) and kind of goggle eyed, this emotional and body language behaviour ( minus what they do ) is what these people keep up throughout.

Judy [ sheepishly ]; “This article is a stub. You can help Bo' Selecta! Wiki by  expanding it.” Richard looks at Judy and quickly, leaning across, looks at Judy, puts his finger on her mouth stopping her mid flow, Judy looks down dejectedly. Richard [ matter of factly ]; “Shush Judy don’t speak you’ll spoil it!” Richard, looks at the camera in disbelief seemingly about his Wife Judy. Judy begins to speak again in the manner of before, but is cut of by Richard also in the same manner as before for him though. Richard [ irritably ]; “She’ll ruin it she will!” Judy’s top falls down, exposing her jugs and Richard sensualy rubs one of them, the behavior of the two people are the same as for them at the start ( except Richard is looking at Judy instead of the camera ). Richard [ nicely but scoldingly ]; “I told you you’d mess it!”